Rise of “Favored” Hate Crimes

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One valuable function of the Ivory Tower is that it gives us a vision of how the world might be should we continue down our current politically correct path. To liberal academics, that vision might conjure dreams of a multicultural paradise, but it scares the … feathers … out of me. For one thing that surely signifies a shift from liberty to tyranny is a tendency toward selective investigation of crimes depending on who committed them, and I’m starting to see that in higher education.

Three years ago, there was a big hunt for the perpetrators of a dastardly deed on the North Carolina State University campus (some links in the story no longer work). Somebody had defaced the campus (LGBT) lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender center with unkind words. I called the campus police and their media affairs officer told me they were pursuing several leads. I asked him if they had considered the possibility of a hoax, that the vandalism matched many other incidents across the country in which left-wing organizations trashed their own work and claimed it was a hate crime against them. He said no, but the local headlines immediately stopped. A week later I called up again, and the same officer told me that the leads had not panned out and the case was not being pursued. End of story.

Last spring, somebody throwing rocks broke a bunch of windows at a fraternity house on the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus early one morning. The next day, a car parked at another fraternity had a window smashed, and one of the fraternity members was confronted by 20 people outside of the same building. Rocks were again thrown, at the fraternity member and at the frat house.

A week later, the following admission appeared anonymously on an anarchist website called “War on Society”:

On the night of January 13, we smashed out the front windows of the Chi Psi frat house, 321 Cameron Ave., Chapel Hill, NC. We did this for anyone who has ever been afraid to walk the streets of this town because of harassment for their body, gender, or sexuality. This fraternity was chosen at random. All fraternities are sites of conscious self-organization for patriarchal power and the homophobia that supports it. They exist to convert this power into real capital.

It would seem pretty clear that anarchists involved with the blog committed at least the first incident. It would also seem that it would be easy to identify some of the 20 people confronting the member of the second fraternity in broad daylight.

Yet a Chapel Hill police spokesman said “police have exhausted all leads and are no longer investigating the incidents.” No further investigation was undertaken even after a student anarchist, in defending the intentions of the rock-throwers in an op-ed in the student newspaper used language extremely similar to that in the War on Society post, raising the question exactly how well he knew the perpetrators. The name of his anarchist group: the UNControllables.

It would seem that, if members of the UNC Republican Club had thrown rocks through the windows of a feminist housing unit because they didn’t like what the women represented, and then bragged about what they had done, even anonymously, the police would have eventually found them. And it is likely that university officials would not have spared the rod once they were known.

I smell a foul pattern with such Keystone-Kop-like inability on two different campuses to find some extremely clumsy perpetrators. Did somebody high up call these investigations off? Do campus police investigate crimes differently depending on who the suspects are?

It may be that some public universities are leaving the rule of law in the dust and embracing the rule of men.

On a final note, a couple of weeks ago, there was considerable blogosphere buzz about how, at UNC-Chapel Hill, an anarchist student group received more money from the student government than the Republican club did. The name of the group? The UNControllables. Is it possible that somebody got a carrot when a stick was more appropriate?

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