River Region embraces ‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Sadie

Jan 15, 2014 by

Sixteen-year-old “Duck Dynasty” star Sadie Robertson said Sunday that she’s proud of the way her family’s television show has encouraged people to embrace Christianity.

Sadie told a Montgomery crowd that young people around the nation have started forming “Duck Dynasty clubs” to pray before lunch at school.

“For a TV show to bring prayer into schools, that’s awesome,” she said.

The teenager was the featured speaker at a fundraiser for faith-based private school Prattville Christian Academy. Her mother, Korie, was with her but didn’t appear at the event.

Sadie declined to answer questions about comments made by her grandfather, family patriarch Phil Robertson, who was suspended from the show by the A&E Network after saying in an interview that homosexual behavior is sinful. The network reinstated him after nine days.

“I’m sure we could all say a lot about that, but the family has decided we’re not going to talk about it really,” Sadie said. “But we will say we’re really glad for us all to be back together as a family because (he’s) the leader. We couldn’t do anything without him.”

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