Robbins praises GA for bill that will probably fail

Mar 21, 2016 by

Most parents may not realize “digital learning” software is allowing schools and software companies to mine massive amounts of personal information from students without parents knowing it.

“Digital learning” uses interactive programs allowing schools to extract highly personal information about a student’s behavior, mindset and attitudes.

Jane Robbins of the American Principles Project says Georgia is proposing a bill that would require schools to inform parents of what’s going on.

“So this bill just essentially says to the schools that if you want to use one these ‘digital learning’ platforms you just simply have to tell parents what data it collects what’s done with that data,” she explains.

But don’t expect the bill to be approved this year, she predicts.

The software is marketed by private vendors who stand to make huge profits from “digital learning.”

Robbins claims there are “billions of dollars to be made” and further says the education technology industry has been described as the “Wild, Wild West” because it’s “no holds barred.”


Source: Robbins praises GA for bill that will probably fail

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