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Robert Scott

Pressured by Obama’s U. S. Dept. of Ed. to sign on to the Common Core Standards BEFORE THEY WERE EVER WRITTEN:

Former-Texas Commissioner of Education Robert Scott spoke for less than 14 power-packed minutes in front of the Georgia General Assembly Joint Meeting of the House and Senate Education Committee on Feb. 9, 2013.

In Robert Scott’s fast-paced but gripping remarks, he shared a bit of his personal life and then explained what thought processes he went through when the U. S. Department of Education tried to pressure Texas into committing to the Common Core Standards BEFORE THEY WERE EVER WRITTEN.

As you listen to Robert Scott’s testimony, you will learn how secretive the development of the Common Core Standards was, how little money the states actually received (e.g., Race to the Top), and how much state-and-local control they will be forced to turn over to the federal government if they go forward with the implementation of CCS.

It is not too late for states to roll back on their commitment to CCCS, and some of the states are beginning to do just that as the public is learning more about the scary ramifications of turning their children over to the federal government.


My experience with the Common Core started when I was asked to sign on to them before they were written. I was told I needed to sign a letter agreeing to the Common Core, and I asked if I might read them first, which is, I think, appropriate.  I was told they hadn’t been written, but they still wanted my signature on the letter. And I said, ‘That’s absurd; first of all, I don’t have the legal authority to do that because our [Texas] law requires our elected state board of education to adopt curriculum standards to be done with the direct input of Texas teachers, parents, and business. So adopting something that was written behind closed doors in another state would not meet my state law.


Donna Garner

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