Rochester schools remain short-staffed, under-trained in special education

Nov 29, 2017 by

Three weeks into this school year, special education reviews and paperwork were backing up in Rochester schools after the district failed to adequately train administrators on a new, important set of responsibilities. Children with special needs weren’t getting the services they needed and school psychologists were working overtime trying to keep things in place.

As has happened so many times in the past, the superintendent, Barbara Deane-Williams, said that she had heard the valid complaints and was already in the process of addressing them.

Barbara Deane-Williams, Superintendent of Schools
RCSD Superintendent Barbara Deane-Williams

“I agree the process could have been stronger,” she said. “There should have been more attention on it, and it’s something we’ll strengthen in the future.”

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The first step in that strengthening process, Deane-Williams said, would be to solicit feedback from building administrators, asking them what they needed to know to do their jobs better. In an interview Sept. 22, she said that process was already underway.

Source: Rochester schools remain short-staffed, under-trained in special education

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