Rocketship Education: Improving The Quality Of Education In Low-Income Communities

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Rocketship Education is an innovative, effective new take on the educational process. Founded in 2006 in Redwood City, California and guided by education pioneers, the company has created a teaching system that helps bring out the best in students from even the most challenging backgrounds. Today, they educate students in grades K through 5 in the San Francisco Bay area, Indianapolis, Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans and metropolitan Washington DC and have consistently gotten amazing results. The Rocketship program enables students formally thought to be lost causes to excel academically.

The Rocketship program is a public charter school system with a network of facilities working primarily with low-income students based in communities where quality educational opportunities are limited. The key to their success is their effective combination of traditional instruction, targeted tutoring and adaptive technology. At Rocketship they strive to meet each student’s unique needs. Their goal goes beyond educating students. Their transformative schools also engage parents, empower teachers and inspire communities.

The mission of Rocketship Education is to remove the achievement gap by using continuous innovation to reimagine elementary school education. And the public charter school is expanding rapidly. Each year they establish up to three new schools. Currently Rocketship serves more than 25,000 low-income students. With over 30 graduate school and analyst fellows playing pivotal roles and 11 alumni on staff, Rocketship has had a significant impact on the quality of education low-income students across the country receive.

Over the past 12 years, the team supporting Rocketship has made significant contributions. They include:

Creating the Rocketship principals-in-training development program curriculum which helps teachers with leadership aspiration become part of a robust internal pipeline of school leadership talent.

Developed organizational performance dashboards and led strategic planning throughout the network of schools each year to ensure Rocketship’s executive team receives the data they need to make key decision affecting student learning.

Analyzed critical financial data related to cash flow modeling and fiscal year budget projections and recommended new sites into which the Rocketship network should expand as they work to serve and support more communities.

At Rocketship they believe human potential has infinite possibilities. They see it as both a privilege and a responsibility to help unleash and develop that potential in every student. The collective of educators, students, parents and leaders that work within the Rocketship network of non-profit elementary public charter schools are exceptional and are transforming the future of public education in low-income neighborhoods nationwide. At the Rocketship public schools 85% of the students are from low-income families, yet among public school districts educating similar students the Rocketship schools are consistently in the top 10% in the quality of their results.

The high-performing Rocketship public schools provide parents in underserved communities an excellent option for educating their elementary school children. The schools tailor the content, pace, instruction and learning experiences to meet the needs of the students. This personalized learning experience fosters the students’ talent development and growth, unleashes their potential inside and outside the classroom and empowers the parents to champion the education of their children and hold leaders accountable

Rocketship Education is a public charter school network that makes good teachers great and gives every student the opportunity to fulfill their potential. Teaching the students is a collaborative effort that includes parents, teachers and concerned community members. They catalyze transformative change using diverse, high-quality, innovative, educational methods to attain lofty goal. Although much more work needs to be done, the comprehensive Rocketship team continues to relentlessly and courageously face the challenges that must be overcome to reach their ambitious goal of helping every child to succeed.

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