Rodricks: Dallas Dance and the failure to learn

Mar 11, 2018 by

Nobody asked me, but the Dallas Dance matter brings to mind questions that bounce off my head every time a man who wears a suit gets charged with a crime: Doesn’t anybody around here remember anything? Have we not had sufficient numbers of white-collar crooks standing at trial tables, grim-faced, listening to statements of fact, being led from courtrooms in handcuffs and disgrace, to drive home the futility of trying to get away with stuff?

Every time an adult in public life gets indicted, I wonder: Haven’t they been paying attention to all the cases that come through the U.S. Attorney’s office, or the Maryland prosecutor’s office, or the attorney general’s office? Do they read a newspaper? Did Dance, who arrived in Baltimore County to be superintendent of schools in 2012, not hear about the Sheila Dixon case just a couple of years earlier? She had to give up being mayor of Baltimore over a few hundred bucks in gift cards.

Dance tried to hide $147,000 in consulting fees, and that included payments from a company that, with his help, won a no-bid contract from the county schools. He pleaded guilty to perjury the other day.

I used to clip and save stories about crooks who, had there been such a thing in real life, would have been eligible to enter what I humbly coined the Rodricks Plea: Guilty, but mostly stupid.

I’m talking about the doofus who, in attempting to rob a bank, used personalized stationery for a stickup note. Or consider the two brothers who tried to pull the night-deposit box out of a bank with a chain wrapped around their car’s rear bumper. When they hit the gas, the bumper pulled off. The brothers fled the scene, leaving the chain, the bumper and their license plate behind.

Source: Rodricks: Dallas Dance and the failure to learn – Baltimore Sun

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