Ron Isaac’s Charter School Cap: Keep That Lid Screwed Tight!

Apr 6, 2021 by

The New York Post, which cannot present straight education-related stories without a slant, laments that the “charter school movement in New York is “fighting for crumbs…in the state budget negotiations.” 

Deny them the crumbs!  Crumbs are for sparrows, not the interloping industrialists and venture capitalists who own the crusade to privatize education. Their “investment” is not in children.

There is a cap on the number of charter schools authorized to operate in New York City. That cap has been reached but the charter school lobby is agitating to have it lifted in the new budget. That cap should be screwed on so tight that a tornado couldn’t untwist it. 

It appears that the state legislature will act responsibly to accomplish that public service in its impending budget.

These private commercial enterprises set their own rules and thumb their noises at governmental oversight at the behest of the public.  They also siphon off taxpayer assets that are due our neglected, underfunded and sometimes decaying public schools.

Charter school advocates claim that they too are public schools, because they have students and students are people and the public is comprised of people.

Now there’s a stretch for a semantic giraffe.

With audacious irony, they lie that the expansion of charter schools would particularly benefit disabled students.  As has been memorialized in countless verified investigative news reports, charter schools typically expel special needs and other students they deem irregular for reason of temperament, learning style, or cognitive and behavioral challenges. 

A true public school cannot do that, nor would they want to.

There is an abundance of space in existing public school to place all children.  The clamor for more charter schools is driven by self-interests unrelated to students’ welfare.  Particularly odious is the parasitic superimposition of charter schools within public school building.  Such co-habitation has proved to be doomed to failure. 

Somehow, the public school always gets “the short end of the stick”.

In our country, we don’t have entrepreneurial militias; we have the United States armed forces. It is the public military provided by our representative government. 

Neither do we need vigilante-like charter schools, because our democracy has historically been well-served by our public schools and that legacy is suitable to our philosophy and moral foundation.

Ron Isaac

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