Ron Isaac’s Commentary: Cameras In Classrooms

Jun 21, 2021 by

Police officers have body cams. Courts have cameras. Shouldn’t there be such recording devices in every public school classroom?
Yes oh yes!, says Mark Levin, a talk-show host with millions of listeners and viewers of his radio and television shows, is a best-selling author,  was chief of staff to former Attorney General Edwin Meese, and served as Assistant Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education at the US Department of Education.

He thinks it’s a promising idea on a par with such civilization-affirming propositions as nuclear mutually-assured destruction. Spontaneously upon the thought dawning upon him on air, he became enraptured on his June 15th radio show.

He sounded like Sir Alexander Fleming upon his accidental discovery of penicillin from a contemplation of mold.

Levin credited the Nevada Family Alliance, which boasts an exaggerated suspicion of unpatriotic school curriculum.  There’s no law against calling oneself an “alliance”, which is designed to have the same effect as certain animals that puff themselves up to look more formidable ,and using the word “family” (as opposed to rogue elephants?) gives it that word a domestic wholesome texture.

Levin, who despises teacher unions and inclusive public school education, said that these cameras would be welcomed by conscientious teachers  ( the wheat, not the chaff) who know their place in the hierarchy of authority. 

He feels that the mechanical spectacles could furnish proof that the instructors were doing their jobs without taking any disapproved or unvetted intellectual liberties, thereby safeguarding them from frivolous allegations which could otherwise damage their careers in the absence of exculpatory evidence.

That is too small a comfort to be seen with the naked imagination. Levin’s lens a new meaning to “point and shoot”
Levin’s real reason for being a fan of classroom espionage is that he wants to pre-empt and fend off any discussions of untenable controversies that do not suit his ideological spectrum. This includes, but by no means is limited to CRT and the re-naming of edifices. He wants a rigid, dogmatic syllabus of his prescription, that would be reliably enforceable beyond the reach of the 1st amendment.
Classroom cameras would be used as weapons of intimidation and repression. Picture that!

Ron Isaac

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