Ron Isaac’s Commentary: Curriculum With Disappearing Ink

Aug 25, 2021 by

It’s been significantly but sparsely and perhaps unreliably reported that a major organization of teachers voted down a resolution that called for student learning to be the top educational priority. 

The wording, if it exists, has eluded my research, but that view is doubtless held by not only instructional professionals and can be interpreted in many ways, some of which encourage a shared conviction and others leading to the sense that it is a mistake.

With knowledge, all things are possible.  Without it, an atrophy of intellect sets in and is especially dangerous on a large scale, because it makes its victims malleable and fair game to  political, economic and personal exploitation.

And tyranny.

With an emphasis on equity and social justice, our schools today are arguably more about moral education than traditional academic scholarship and sophistication. Neither priority should eclipse the other.  For people to be truly educated, these symbiotic goals must embrace and fuel each other. 

Unfortunately, most of our national school curriculum has devalued  factual information and deferred to emotion-charged ideology that may be honorably conceived and driven, but nonetheless makes “useful idiots” even of the disciples of inclusive democracy.

I’d bet that many chancellors, superintendents, and commissioners  could not pass a freshman college contemporary civilization class from the 1960s.Many couldn’t tell Winston Churchill from Winston cigarettes.

The rising and uprising generation’s syllabus is being purged of substance, except for core values about to make a better society. 

That’s noble but not safe.

Ron Isaac

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