Ron Isaac’s Commentary: Disobedience Triumphant

May 27, 2021 by

The Post harps on the fallacy that the mayor does the union’s bidding.  Although a case can be made that politicians, given the nature of the beast, at least subliminally calculate the potential value to their careers of their alliances with large organizations with many members, it doesn’t follow that there must be a sinister quid-pro-quo. 

Endorsements of candidacies or policies may also be rewards for virtue.

But what is the Post’s point about teachers unions and the CDC?

The CDC is not elected, is non-partisan and devoid of ideology.  It has no opinion on labor relations or collective bargaining agreements. The teachers union doesn’t insinuate its clout into the CDC’s scientific research.  The CDC is not beholden to or bullied by teachers unions.

Does the Post suspect that teacher unions have infiltrated the CDC’s laboratories in a plot to secure perks for its members?  That the doctors will lose their board certifications if the teachers union isn’t appeased by the outcomes of their inquiry into viruses?
What was newsworthy that allegedly transpired between the teachers union and the CDC recently? 

The Post and certain extremist media are annoyed by the teachers union’s initiative in tapping the CDC’s expertise in order to get an optimal understanding of  school safety and health issues that might inform re-opening policies.

Is that reckless or responsible?

Pablo Picasso said “We all know that art is not truth”.  Witness the chalkboard cartoon.

Ron Isaac

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