Ron Isaac’s Commentary: Exemption Equality

Sep 28, 2021 by

Mayor DeBlasio, whose “Vision Zero” is a slogan about traffic safety but better describes the brand of his legacy in office, has exercised what he deems his civic duty,  flexing his official authority by passing judgement on the relative merits of different religions, the admissibility of their tenets, and the sincerity of their practitioners, regarding the vaccination mandate.

Because of Christian Science’s foundational opposition to, its adherents should be presumed more worthy of an exemption than those beliefs are not built into their organizational teaching or whose resistance is driven by independent thought or dissenting science.

That’s the gist of DeBlasio’s view, as quoted in the New York Post.

Exemptions should be granted on a case-by-case basis, not on collective affiliations.  We should honor all faiths on an equal basis because they all consist of unique individuals and circumstances and they all occupy the same tier of legitimacy. Drawing distinctions, even with generous intentions, may be an undemocratic precedent that can be risky when applied to other potential governmental determinations. In the matter of Legal Justice, one size should fit all.  In some cases, arguably this one, no size should fit anybody.

DeBlasio is already skidding and sliding.  New Yorkers don’t need his slippery slope, even if its part of an “infrastructure” scheme.

This is not his call.
Ron Isaac

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