Ron Isaac’s Commentary: Future Curriculum–Tread Carefully

Aug 30, 2021 by

When history, as it has been traditionally taught, is revisited and challenged in sufficient numbers, it gains momentum and credibility, so that it is no longer recognized as exceptional.  It may become accepted as the new norm.  The commonplace concepts and interpretations with which we were raised may yield to a new mainstream.

Curriculum must keep pace and faith with what we discover anew and renounce what we had suppressed for generations. Elements of history are being repudiated and history texts revised to reflect it. That can be a good thing or a bad thing.  Sometimes it’s driven by overdue moral necessity.  Other times by specious pretexts.

Some of established history, US and global, deserves to be disestablished, re-evaluated and sometimes disinherited.  Other aspects must be protected and preserved, even though, and sometimes because, they are under attack.  Much history never survived the cutting room floor and is unknown today or relegated to oblivion for various reasons.

As we develop our instructional resources with a view to raising the next generation with a full and beneficial understanding of what was, is, and may become in the future, let’s insist on a decent respect for probity.  That means “fair and balanced”: not like Fox News and not like the United Nations General Assembly.

Ron Isaac

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