Ron Isaac’s Commentary: Official Cruelty to Children

Jul 6, 2021 by

There are times when schools need to intervene to try to bring some serenity into the lives of star-crossed students.

A child at IS126 in Queens, the school named for Albert Shanker who taught there, has already been to hell and back: born to drug-addicted parents, placed in 7 foster homes within 7 years, with learning disabilities and a survivor of brain cancer, you’d think that if Nature didn’t give him a break, the school authorities would at least not do further harm.

That too was not to be and it was not the fault of fate.

According to a New York Post story (7/4), this child was tormented endlessly by bullies over his sexual orientation.  It was brought to the attention of school authorities, one of whom, according to hearing officer’s conclusion, essentially accused the child of provoking it and neglected to intervene.

Agony piled upon anguish for this child.

The Department of Education, inevitably, said “there is absolutely zero tolerance for bullying or harassment of any kind in our schools.”  “Absolutely zero” and “of any kind”,–eh?  In matters like these, the more the DOE emphasizes, the more it has something to hide.  It is formulaic with them. They pledged to “immediately investigate” the lawsuit.

The DOE was slow as molasses to hear the child’s cries of pain but faster than the speed of light to go into charade mode.

What took the DOE so long even to come out with this feeble attempt at damage control?  Could it possibly have been civil litigation and media inquiries?  And what action have they taken against the perpetrators of the severe and sustained baiting and the unresponsive adults?

The school is not the cause of the child’s bad luck, but it is a prime mover as bar to its remediation.  They should be part of the safety net that should not be ripped apart by the aloofness of bureaucrats.

Ron Isaac

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