Ron Isaac’s Commentary: School District: Equal Time for Hitler and Anne Frank

Oct 22, 2021 by

The Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction of the Southlake school district in Texas, cautioned teachers to “make sure” they offer “opposing” perspectives on the Holocaust which incinerated almost half of the globe’s Jewish population within memory of survivors still alive today.

She implied that disciplinary action might be taken against rebellious staff who refuse to put themself in Hitler’s shoes.

It appears from her admonishment that she believes there is a flip side to genocide and there are shades of gray when it comes to mass extermination, at least this one. Because there are no absolutes or final authorities in these matters, she thinks that adult role models need to withdraw or at least be objective to give children the chance to discover moral equivalence that may have eluded their elders.

Her mental skills seem to include maintaining neutrality over images of Jewish children being mowed down by machine guns into open pits in the forest. Perhaps as an academician, she is a proud  stickler for primary sources and persuadable that chimney smoke from the gas chambers was indeed unflattering to skylines.

After an avalanche of bad publicity persisted, her school district apologized.  It was tepid, reluctant and  sincere as a damage control ploy, but not as contrition.

In effect they called the controversy a misunderstanding, arising from a zealous application of a new Texas state law that is aimed at thwarting the teaching as unchallenged fact, the tenets of critical race theory and other perceived indoctrination. This bias, masquerading as righteous legislation, mandates the presentation of differing viewpoints.

Perhaps this is not a superficial goal, but it certainly is not universally applicable.Some historical truths are notoriously unbalanced.  Hitler’s appeal cannot get equal billing with Ann Frank’s.

The school district is hiding behind a whopper of a fig leaf!

The Syllabus Czar was not fired.  Although that isn’t quite a vote of confidence from the school board, it does reek of a taint of implicit endorsement.

The Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction’s anti-semitism is couched in business-like language.  It’s almost genteel, not at all crude.  Perhaps she’s just exercising  her free expression of personal conscience, a right guaranteed to even a malignant ignoramus.

Open and direct Jew hatred is still not fashionable in most circles, but anti-semitism is still resurgent and up-to-date in one form or another in domestic institutions and on the world stage.

As a person, this Southlake bureaucrat is herself a hate crime. She and her enablers should be expunged from the rolls of policy-makers and their careers should go up in smoke.
Ron Isaac

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