Ron Isaac’s Commentary: Success Academy– Compliance by Coercion

Aug 11, 2021 by

Universal vaccination is not currently mandated by law.  Perhaps it should be, but for the present, individuals have the right to opt out and even if it is arguably foolhardy for them to do so, they have the freedom to do so. 

Restraining that liberty may be a “slippery slope” in which authority intervenes for other than stated or relevant reasons.

What are the odds of every single one of 2,700 staff members choosing to be vaccinated.  The chances are about the same as a July snowfall in Herald Square. 

Get out you shovels.

Success Academy, the hydra-headed charter school cartel led by Eva “Iron Fist” Moskowitz, does not have a single dissenting hold-out among its thousands of staff who act as overseers of their “scholars”.Certainly they did not all voluntarily comply with the inoculation edict, but coercion is the sine quo non of employment at Success Academy, and student and parent engagement.

Nobody can be in Success’s good graces unless they totally abrogate the right to a difference of opinion about any aspect of its operation. No independent thinking is allowed for staff on any pedagogical matter and they must check their free-will and contrary principles at the door.

Such team-spirit inspired by the specter of a pink slip!

Not long ago, Success Academy falsely blamed the teachers union and its conspiratorial clique in the media and elective offices for closing schools down and foisting “distance learning” on children. They regarded this as evidence of self-serving non-professionalism and educational neglect.

As of now, pending further pandemic developments, it appears that remote learning is being offered by Success Academy while the city’s public schools will be open to welcome all children.

Some would say it’s to their credit that through the flirtatiousness of blackmail, Success Academy has nudged 100% of its thousands of staff to yield to what is, after all, a sensible idea of vaccination.

But as the darling of union-busting, anti-public school fanatics, they have harassed and intimidated enlightened people over many other issues over the years, much to the detriment of learning and honest public perception.

No doubt Eva Moskowitz could get the trains to run on time.

Ron Isaac

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