Ron Isaac’s Letter to NY Post on Brooklyn Tech HS “Sleaze”

Apr 24, 2017 by

The Brooklyn Tech HS student quoted in yesterday’s story about the recent firing of 4 staffers for “sleazy” relationships with students claims that “other teachers know and don’t do anything…Administrators aren’t investigating.”

Teachers and school administrators are “mandated reporters” who by law are required to notify outside authorities and are proscribed from evaluating the merits and making judgements for themselves when such rumors or allegations arise. Neither can they on any basis dismiss potential evidence after an internal investigation.

Does the student actually know for a fact that staffers broke the law or is she just voicing a real or pretended suspicion?  If she has evidence,she should submit it. This is not the time for false protection or false accusation.

It’s curious that she herself seems to have told nobody, for if she had, surely it would have gone further. Was there a conspiracy or a coincidental mass silence?

For an entire large population to be unaware of such a scandal or to hold their tongues to keep the peace begs the laws of probability. Normally when it comes to stories with shock value, everyone wants to jump into the act, especially the media and students who are prone to boredom and fantasy.

None of this, of course, diminishes or mitigates the disturbing implications of documented cases at Brooklyn Tech HS or anywhere else.

Ron Isaac

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