Ron Isaac’s Letter to Post: Parking Spaces For Teachers

May 15, 2017 by

With the world falling apart, the front-page of the Post features a story about the disgrace of teachers getting a break with parking permits. You report that city residents, neighborhood activists and even some politicians who are normally union-friendly, complained bitterly. A political consultant calls it a “payoff.”  It sounds like the masses are rising up to know why teachers can’t take public transportation.

It is claimed that now teachers will park their cars wherever they want. Ridiculous. Placards are very specific and narrow as to when and where. Of course your story is not really about what it claims to be. It’s always open-season on public school teachers for the Post.

Teachers used to have parking privileges until former Mayor Bloomberg punitively took them away as part of his war on the public schools. Isn’t it preferable for teachers to be preparing lessons, grading papers and meeting with parents instead of cruising around for an hour looking for parking spaces?

A solution beckons: Allow teachers to park on the sidewalks near their work places and in otherwise prohibited places, as police officers and fire-fighters routinely do without provoking the tempers of the media and populace.

Ron Isaac

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