Ron Isaac’s Letter to the NY Post : Maspeth High School Scandal

Sep 24, 2019 by

The Maspeth High School scandals are more the rule than the exception in our current school system although it is a particularly bad case. Blame the bureaucrats and the politicians and the school leaders who know what is expected of them if they want to be on the fast track to promotion.

Unfortunately, the general public sometimes includes teachers among the parties to corruption.  That is a fallacy that needs to be corrected. Teachers have zero role in establishing and defining standards, policies and performance measurements.  If they buck the system, question or contradict their supervisors, or clash with higher authorities in any way for any reason and at any time, their jobs are on the line.
And tenure, litigation, or appeals to the values of fairness won’t save them.

Teachers are victims of this miserable spectacle of deceit and fraud and are put in a horrible position of choosing between the security of their own families and the dictate of conscience. Nonetheless,they manage to work wonders with our students, not because of the system but despite it. Our New York City public schools have a long history of being the most outstanding in the nation.

Your investigative report focuses on the unscrupulous principal of Maspeth High School and the recent graduate who had the incredible guts, after having been the prey to so much cynical manipulation, to tell the embittering truth about his supposedly blue-ribbon school. Its reputation was built on lies.

The mother of this child, Annmarie Creighton provides your investigative report with brutally vivid testimony of what she and her son endured and the brutal hoax that this principal, and to some extent the climate and culture of the executive education echelons in the city, has perpetrated on this city.

For her contribution to a keener understanding of what ails our schools, Ms. Creighton deserves the “key to the city”.

Ron Isaac

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