Ron Isaac’s rebuttal to NY Post Letters

Apr 20, 2017 by

The Post’s stories on education are so slanted that conscientious readers should raise hell, but since its editors aren’t listening, the only things being raised are eyebrows and blood pressure.

Several of your readers’ letters (4/14) show an ignorance of the truth that is topped only by their hostility to it. They reflect blindness about teacher unions that is equaled only by their blind hatred of these responsible professional organizations.

These letters make some outrageous claims: that the governor and mayor “worship at the altar of the United Federation of Teachers” and are doing the union’s bidding as destroyers of charter schools, and that everyone knows that the UFT is the problem behind every ailment and inadequacy of education.

They further assert, unfortunately inaccurately, that public schools are annually flooded with billions of dollars from casinos and the state lottery. And then, in a claim that should win the grand prize for idiocy, they call teacher union members “inmates” who have taken control and are running the “asylum.”

These lay correspondents regard schools as asylums in the sense of mental institutions or prison installations. Teacher unions members see schools as asylums in the sense of sanctuaries for learning and protection. Perhaps your published readers intended to limit their representation to charter school philosophy.

In such a short space, the Post has managed to accommodate a wealth of fallacies, myths and naked lies.

That’s journalism!

Ron Isaac

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