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Update 10.9.11 – From Donna Garner

Details behind Ron Paul’s straw poll win at Values Voter Summit

Ron Paul has made it a point through the years to spend his campaign money on straw polls because he believes this will elevate his image. Thankfully, this approach has never resulted in a substantial turnout for Ron Paul in the General Elections. I feel sure that he will not reap many votes this time either in the 2012 elections because of his outrageous political positions on numerous issues.



The three-day Values Voter Summit concluded in Washington, D. C. on Saturday, 10.8.11, with Ron Paul winning first place in the straw poll with 37% out of 1,983 votes.

There were 3,400 people who registered as attendees at the three-day event. On the last day (Saturday), 600+ students (who paid the lowest entry fee just for Saturday) were bussed into the Summit right before Ron Paul was to speak. They yelled vociferously after his speech, voted in the straw poll, and then left.

The Ron Paul campaign made each bus ticket available for only $10, and the ticket was free for those who asked. Please see details from Ron Paul website:

In my article yesterday, I did leave out one really big flaw in Ron Paul’s record – the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT) for which he voted. Please read the following article which should help all of us to recall what happened:

“Ron Paul Voted To Weaken U. S. Military”

By Donna Garner


On May 27, 2010, Ron Paul along with only 4 other Republicans in the U. S. House voted to repeal the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. To cast this vote, Ron Paul voted against 168 of his fellow Republicans. *Congressional Voting Record – repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT) – May 27, 2010 —

On December 18, 2010, the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT) repeal was officially passed by the U. S. Senate; and on Dec. 22, 2010, Obama signed the DADT repeal into law.

On Sept. 20, 2011, a Navy officer married his homosexual partner; and the U. S. military has been forced to accept applications from openly gay candidates.

This repeal of DADT has turned our military into a social engineering experiment rather than a fighting force with close military cohesiveness. Instead of being able to focus totally on our extremely dangerous military operations around the world, our military personnel are having to spend time and attention focusing on the highly troublesome “nuts and bolts” of the implementation of the DADT repeal.

Ron Paul needs to be held accountable in the March 2012 primaries for his vote on DADT and the fact that he is out of step with the great majority of Republicans. At all times, voters must consider Ron Paul a Libertarian and not a Republican.

On June 28, 2010, World Net Daily published an important article that detailed the massive scheme designed by the Obama administration to manipulate the passage of the repeal of DADT.

When the all-important General Elections of Nov. 2012 gets here, we voters will finally get our chance to hold Obama accountable at the ballot box as we drive him out of office.

  • · The Obama administration decided to force through the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in the military no matter what.


  • · They chose the time during the lame duck session of Congress after the Nov. 2, 2010 elections.
  • · They leaked secret survey information to the Washington Post BEFORE the survey of military personnel was even completed.
  • · They also corrupted and massaged the data by adding various percentiles together to come up with the pre-ordained figure of 70% to repeal.
  • · They also leaked secret information to a reporter who helped them spin their sound bites so that Congress and the public would be fooled when the bogus data was released.
  • · This is corruption of the highest order because it affects the readiness of our military.

6.27.11 – Find Out Who Rigged Military’s ‘Study’ of Homosexuality in Ranks: Inspector General Says Executive Summary Written Before Troops Surveyed” – by Bob Unruh of World Net Daily

10.8.11 — For those who have not previously read my article entitled “Values Voter Summit — Rigged by Ron Paul Supporters?” ——-straw/View.aspx

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