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No public money should be diverted to any private school, including institutions of religion, because in all of them the truth itself can be subjected to diversion. The existing state and federal mandates must be repealed.
A few reflections on yesterday’s NY Post story “Adam and Peeved”:
Showing a centuries-old masterpiece by one of the greatest of all artists, Peter Paul Rubens, should not be suppressed because of hangups about nudity, although it was certainly not age -inappropriate for third-graders.  It showed poor judgment by the veteran, heretofore unblemished teacher, but nothing that should have been career-threatening.

The teacher’s characterization of the Adam and Eve story as a “myth” would commendably stir debate among students given to intellectual freedom and challenge, but was above the heads of small children and in deference to their immaturity should have been avoided.

Insights restricted by parochialism should be infinitely permitted but disallowed if they subvert rights protected by secular government.

The teacher’s use of the word “myth” was not intended to be emotionally provocative, but rather  an intellectually provocative rejoinder to her student’s comment. Although it was ill-considered, it was not driven by disrespect and certainly did not justify the removal of teacher to a notorious and humiliating “rubber room”.

The teacher claimed that the assistant principal told her that parents had complained that she “discussed Jews”. One should not accept this at face-value. Was it a direct quotation? A paraphrase? Was it the gist or spirit of comments at all?  If the allegation is substantiated beyond a doubt, then clearly the problem is not with the teacher.  Enough said.

The teacher said that her aim in pointing out to the students the universality of faith represented by the Adam and Eve theme of the painting was to advance tolerance and was resented, then surely she failed.

If that’s the case, then it’s too bad there’s no rubber room for parents.

Ron Isaac


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