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Rotten To The Common Core / Advanced Stupidity

Jun 10, 2013 by

By Arthur Hu

Rotten To the Common Core

We learned the 80s, 90s and 2000s that

  • The New Math was stupid
  • Outcomes Based Education (OBE) was stupid
  • The Open School was stupid
  • Fuzzy / Reform Math was stupid
  • Whole language was stupid
  • Multicultural Focused Education / Ebonics was stupid
  • Racial Quota and Busing was stupid
  • Politically Correct History standards were stupid
  • Standards Based testing like WASL which put high school level math in 4th grade was stupid

In fact almost every brilliant new idea being peddled by school administrators with a big fanfare has turned out to be a stupid idea.

Now the latest craze is Common Core. So far most the opposition is from conservative whites, but dang it, Asian parents who care about education need to jump up and down and yell about this latest epidemic of insanity. First graders are supposed to be instructed to how to read and write BASIC SENTENCES. Like learning Spanish, you just learn the words. Maybe a little bit about making friends and loving your parents and brother and sister.

This abomination pretends to be in 1st grade, but in fact it is indoctrination that would be a college or graduate introduction to propaganda and disinformation  that would be more appropriate to the CIA, KGB or the Iranian MOIS intelligence agencies on how to sell people on global warming or Obama Care or the evils of the Tea Party.


Require Advanced Placement for All Students


This is another stupid idea headed for your statehouse or school district. Once upon a time, somebody who wanted to make more money at the College Board had this idea that since the top 10% of kids in high school are smarter than the average college student, why not teach them a college course and give a performance-based test like a college level GED and give them college credit. What started as something that might be good for an elite few evolved to an idea I heard in the 2000s from a superintendent that all students should be tracked to take  Calculus, which is STILL a college level course, leading to the idea that you must pass a college level course in order to get a HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA. This is madness. When did a high school diploma mean you finished college level work? The related idea was that every student must master algebra 2 before they exit junior high school, when even Algebra used to be a college level course for non-engineers. I can see where the top 10% of high school students are as capable as the average college student. But there is NO WAY an average or below average high or junior high school student is up to college level work. Unfortunately, I don’t have an education or administrators degree which enables me to be blind to this and gives me a licence to promote insanity with a straight face.

This is simply an educational arms race so that administrators can brag about how many tricks their trained bears can show off at the expense of destroying a human educational experience. That reminds me of my 1st son’s 1st homework assignment his first day of first grade. Why in the blazes does he even need homework on his first day of real school??? It was take a list of ten words, arrange them in alphabetical, and write a complete sentence out of each one. Dear Lord, they’re supposed to teach him how to write in first grade, not test him on how well Sesame street taught him the day he shows up, and that led up to the teachers union sending me a cease and desist order when my complaints started to show up on the internet by the time I found that the fuzzy no-arithmetic math was teaching higher order problem solving skills but not basic carry, borrow, or long division.

This is the idea that whatever is good for the top 1% must be good for everybody. Why not just mandate that everybody must buy a Costco membership, take private violin lessons, live in the top 10% most expensive neigborhood, live in a 3000 square foot house or drive a $45,000 SUV, since all of those things correlate to high test scores?

Now the Federal Way district decided that’s it’s racist to allow students and parents to sign up voluntarily for COLLEGE LEVEL COURSES FROM HELL and require everybody to do it as early as junior high school. Why is it that few people can recognize pure evil and stand up against it? As far as I know I am probably the first and only parent of any race who has red flagged this as dangerous. I saw the AP US history, and it way, way, way too detailed to be a useful treatment for history at a high school level, and I never had to study that stuff when I was MIT either. Students need to learn basics before you try to stuff their brains with college level BS.

Proposed Law Would Require Wash. Schools To Enroll Students In AP Classes

High school Advanced Placement (AP) classes have traditionally been the domain of academically strong students who want an extra challenge. Now Washington state lawmakers are considering legislation based on a policy in the Federal Way school district that puts all kids who meet basic standards into AP and other advanced classes. The goal is to make more low-income kids of color ready for college.

AP classes are designed to expose kids to the fast pace and rigor of college classes, and at the end of the semester, students can take the official AP test that can qualify them for college credit for the class. As in many school districts, the kids in Federal Way’s AP classes had long tended to be the wealthier white and Asian students — students already headed to college.

Three years ago, the district decided to change that.

“This is about sorting. This about elitism. This is about institutional racism.”[AP IS INSTITUTIONAL WHAT???]

“This is about sorting. This about elitism. This is about institutional racism. Whether intended or not, that’s what happens” when schools set a high bar for admission to accelerated classes, says Federal Way Superintendent Rob Neu.

Neu says, under a 2010 district policy, nearly every middle and high school student in Federal Way who meets the state or district standards in a subject now gets automatically enrolled into AP or other accelerated classes. “And by doing so, when they experience that success in the classes that they didn’t think they belonged in, we believe that we’re changing their trajectory. And so now students that were not thinking about going on to college, are not only thinking about it, but they are doing it.”

via Rotten To The Common Core / Advanced Stupidity | AsianWeek.

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