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Jul 28, 2020 by

Since the pandemic has inured us to testing and tracking, I have been listening to former Mayor Giuliani’s daily afternoon radio show for two weeks ending July 24th in order to count his references to education and accurately take note of his spin on the position of public education and teacher unions in reaction to the crisis.

His close-mindedness was no eye opener.

I’d rather be fired up by a grossly misinformed opinion monger or even an infuriating liar  than try to be entertained by a host who drones on and, even if they echo my own convictions. It triggers my metabolism.

That’s why, if I could choose a few historical personages to somehow bring back to life and interview, I’d pick some of the most loathsome but unscrupulous and colorful sinners.

Giuliani is a mixed bag, although the contents of that “bag” are arguably unmentionable.

I don’t agree that his lifetime’s legacy is entirely tainted, but in recent years he has bruised it beyond favorable recognition. As a radio personality he is an amateur floundering in his baptismal waters.

As a commentator on education, he has taken a deep dive into the waters of cognitive impairment. Quality of judgement and advocacy have been swept away in a riptide of lunacy.

If only he could  confine and dispatch his warped views on teacher unions with the same alacrity as he did the leaders of organized crime families.

The abbreviated menu of topics covered by Giuliani over those 10 broadcasts ranged from raising the alarm against revolutionary Marxism being loosed upon the nation by threatening Democrats to related satellite issues the complicit media, globalist tycoons and especially government schools, which he regards as the propagandists of anarchy. 

What struck me about his remarks about education is his invariable and instantaneous pivot to the evils of teacher unions. 

He scarcely touches on any educational matter except to rapidly default to an obsessive prosecutorial salvo against them.  He sees their goal as the eclipse of  respect for tradition and American exceptionalism and the sabotage and bending of the moral compass of a generation.

He is convinced that teacher unions are in the business or preaching views that are anathema to the principles of our Constitution.

It is axiomatic to him that even the most complicated problems and controversies associated with educations,–economic, political, legal, social, racial and even pedagogical mediocrity, is the fault solely of teacher unions.

It reflects a totally predictable ideology that defies healing and is probably beyond therapeutic redress.

As a public schools teacher in New York City during Giuliani’s mayoralty, I couldn’t help having certain expectations of his positions, but I practiced sincere self-discipline by not prejudicing my conclusions.  I listened hopefully to hear him  interrupt his decades-long pattern of lambasting teacher unions for all the real and imagined ills of public school systems nationwide.

Never happened.  

Godot will show up on my doorstep before Giuliani relents, moderates or concedes an inch or a thought. The continuity of his misrepresentation and false accusations is unbroken. Mere misunderstanding might be passed off as an intellectual misdemeanor. But willful bias calculated to lead the public astray is a felony of intent.

Giuliani’s own on air testimony convicted him.

It doesn’t befit an ex-US Attorney to vocalize the cobwebs in his head.

Ron Isaac

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