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As with any business, it is both the most important thing and also the hardest thing to take a step back from operations to focus time and energy on areas of improvement. There are hard and fast rules that require your attention for your business to survive, but there are additional things you can do to add to your success as a convenience store owner. Of course you need to find a trusted bank you can work with, like Consumer’s Credit Union, for services like loans and Quickbooks, and, of course, you need to hire trusted employees who are hardworking and reliable. Below are a few things you may want to revisit to set your business aside from the rest.

Keep your business clean

Keeping a clean shop sounds like a no brainer, but when it comes to convenience stores, keeping a clean store is important, because your customers are people from all walks of life, and cleanliness is difficult to attain for the same reason. Both truckers and travelling businessmen and women frequent convenience stores, both with expectations for cleanliness on different ends of the spectrum. For a truck driver, any bathroom facility might be better than none, while a travelling businessperson’s standards may be set a little higher or a lot higher. Bottomline, you can never be sure, so do not overlook cleanliness, as it may determine if customers return. Make cleaning a regular routine of operations, from keeping the front counter to the bathroom counters crystal clean.

Test new products

The biggest sellers in your convenience store that drive sales are lottery tickets, tobacco products, and beverages. Within these categories, your customers will recognize new products if you bring them in. Plus, how will you know what sells if you don’t try it? For instance, consider vape in the box to introduce new and exciting vape products of various flavors and utility to your customers. Stay abreast of products that are offered to impress your customers, and keep customers returning to your store for items they can’t find anywhere else. Once you have new items, advertise them, so people know that you have added new inventory.

Offer services

Convenience stores these days are not only for convenient items, but also for convenient services. Think outside the box to bring in customers not just for chips and soft drinks. Consider offering a fax or internet service, or even an in-store computer for customers to use at a timed cost. The lesson here is not to limit yourself to simply convenience store items. You have the opportunity to incorporate another business into your store front, from running a money order operation to a in-house bakery. Whatever you do, the bottom line is to invest in your store. Invest time and energy into training your employees to keep the store in tip-top clean conditions. Invest in new products that will impress customers and attract new ones. Invest in opportunities that will help your business grow and create a business brand entirely your own.

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