Russia Bans Kids From Watching ‘Power Rangers’ After Realizing Yellow Ranger Is a Lesbian

Mar 25, 2017 by

By Kieran Corcoran –

Russian film authorities have banned under-18s from watching the new Power Rangers movie, apparently after realizing it features a lesbian character.

Distributors of the film – simply called Power Rangers, hastily bumped up the rating from 16+ to 18+ a few days after it started showing, Variety reported.

No official explanation was given for the switch – but it coincided with widespread media coverage of the revelation that yellow ranger Trini Kwan is a lesbian.

Yellow ranger Trini Kwan, played by Becky G

The movie does not show anything explicit – and mentions her sexuality only in passing, when another character realizes Trini is having “girlfriend problems”.

It is easy to see how a routine viewing by ratings officials could fail to pick this up, or give it much significance.

But after director Dan Israelite highlighted it in an interview, media outlets across the globe ran headlines celebrating “the first LGBT superhero” on the big screen.

Hardline Russian politicians then began calling for the movie to be banned. The upgraded rating swiftly followed.

Russia has strict, controversial laws which outlaw the promotion of “nontraditional sexual relations”.

As Heat Street has previously reported, this has led to disputes over movies like Beauty and the Beast (also 18+), banning comic books linked to the Overwatch video game, and even a heated debate over whether soccer players in Fifa 17 are allowed to wear rainbow-themed shirts.

The sexuality of the yellow ranger also threatened to derail Power Rangers in Malaysia – which also has strict anti-LGBT laws – but government censors backed down at the last minute and let the movie show with a 13+ rating.

Source: Russia Bans Kids From Watching ‘Power Rangers’ After Realizing Yellow Ranger Is a Lesbian

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