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1.3.20 – Russians Pull Prank Phone Call on U. S. House Member Maxine Waters – They Pretend Greta Thunberg Is on the Phone (prank call starts at marker 2:14)


[COMMENTS FROM DONNA GARNER:  At first, the prank seems funny but perhaps a little heartless. I do not normally like to see people publicly humiliated.  However, as I listened to the whole podcast, I realized that every voter in America needs to hear it.  Maxine Waters needs to be revealed for the vicious, conniving person that she really is. Please listen to the entire podcast and hear her plot with Greta (a.k.a., the prankster) to come to Washington, D. C. and speak publicly to Congress, telling them and the nation about the “dirt” that Greta (a.k.a., the prankster) has on President Trump.  Maxine Waters is almost frothing at the mouth as she thinks this will destroy Trump once and for all. The podcast reveals how truly desperate the Democrats are to take down our duly elected President.

I would love to see Maxine Waters’ face as she suddenly realizes the entire podcast was a prank that makes her look like the fool she really is. Worse than that, she now knows the whole “world” is going to listen to her desperately plotting against Trump while she was being pranked by the Russians. This is true humiliation at its best.  Now she and U. S. House Member Adam Schiff have both been pranked by the Russians —  Notice whom the Russians very carefully choose to humiliate – two people who simply cannot be taken seriously because of their obvious weaknesses and biases.]

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