Sacramento-area students miss reading standard on new test

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The fatal flaw of balanced literacy is that it is least able to help students who most need it.

Sacramento City Unified is using a program called “Balanced Literacy” in prekindergarten through sixth grades. The program integrates reading and writing instruction through all curriculum throughout the school day, said Iris Taylor, interim chief academic officer.

Although the program is in its fourth year, the district has rolled it out slowly and some schools have yet to start it.

Twin Rivers Unified started an Early Literacy Initiative in 2013 to ensure students are reading at grade level by third grade. The initiative includes assessments, interventions and professional development to ensure high-quality instruction, according to district materials.

Last year was an opportunity to measure students’ baseline abilities as they took the Smarter Balanced tests for the first time, Zeman said. This year, each school is expected to increase reading ability by 10 percent, she said. Kindergarten is expected to have a 20 percent increase in its reading level. The goal is to have kindergarten through third-graders all reading at grade level by 2018.

Educators at local districts say parents can help improve their children’s literacy by reading to them. “When students see their parents reading, it helps students develop a love for reading,” Cherry said. “If we can instill a love of reading, it will go a long way.”

Source: In ever-important third grade, most Sacramento-area students miss reading standard on new test | The Sacramento Bee

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