Sacramento schools eye $48 million in cuts over two years

Oct 4, 2018 by

The Sacramento City Unified School District is even more in the red than previously thought: By 2020, the district will have a structural deficit of $48 million by 2020 if cuts aren’t made, a gap that’s almost $12 million more than announced in June, and $8 million more than the district’s most recent estimates.

“It’s not what we like to hear but it’s the truth,” said district spokesperson Alex Barrios.

The district estimates it must make $28.5 million in cuts for the next school year, and another $19.5 million the following year to close the gap. But where those cuts will be made has yet to be released, even as a county-set deadline to submit a detailed budget is fast approaching.

“We can’t wait until 2020-2021” to address the deficit, “because then the cuts won’t pan out,” Barrios said.

The district’s previous 2018-19 budget was rejected in August by the county superintendent for failing to address what was then estimated to be a $22.1 million shortfall next year, and a $40 million shortfall the following year that would not allow the district to set aside the state-mandated 2 percent of the budget towards reserve.

Source: Sacramento schools eye $48 million in cuts over two years | The Sacramento Bee

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