Sacramento teachers union needs to work with school district

Oct 20, 2019 by

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg calls for teachers union to re-enter negotiations with Superintendent Jorge Aguilar & the school district in order to lower costs & avoid budget deficit before it’s too late.

Here’s what a state takeover would mean at Sacramento City Unified
Michael Fine from the state’s financial crisis team and David Gordon from the county office of education address the Sacramento City Unified School Board on cutting costs in their district on Thursday, Feb. 21, 2019 in Sacramento.

In my decades of public service, I have nearly always been able to see a pathway to success or compromise on difficult public policy challenges. Even when we faced unprecedented state budget deficits during the recession, there was always a chance to save California from bankruptcy so long as all sides continued to talk to each other, reason together and commit to an absolute avoidance of the state defaulting on its commitments and obligations.

Never in the most difficult moments of that crisis did I ever feel as much frustration and hopelessness as I do both participating in and observing the deteriorating situation between the Sacramento City Unified School District and its teachers union.

County Superintendent Dave Gordon has again rejected the district’s budget, saying that more cuts are essential to reduce its long-term deficit. The district seeks to reduce health care costs for all its employees, including teachers, to avoid deeper cuts to the students, teachers and programs.

Teachers union leadership is at war with the district leadership, attacks the board president personally and expertly picks apart the district’s historic and more recent fiscal mistakes. Meanwhile, parents and the larger community ask what it will take to get the district and its most powerful constituent stakeholder to work it out.

Source: Sacramento teachers union needs to work with school district | The Sacramento Bee

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