Safety Precautions That Many Schools Don’t Take

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Running a school is a time-consuming and difficult process. Luckily, much of that stress can be lifted with the help of fellow teachers and other members of staff that are able to assist you. A school is operated not by just a single business owner or a principle—every member of staff has a responsibility to do their part in assuring that the school is safe, secure and able to withstand everything from a natural disaster to a horrific school shooting.

We need to put on the breaks when it comes to safety because there are very few schools in the world that take it seriously. There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of people within a school at any given time during the day. With so many people that could be susceptible to a shooting, natural disaster or a fire, it’s extremely important that you care about their safety and look after them all equally.

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Many schools run drills on a regular basis to help their students and teachers get used to emergency situations. These are often random so that it’s not predictable, but it’s important that you take these drills seriously to ensure that everyone knows what to do in the case of an emergency. Depending on the location of the school, it’s paramount that different drills are performed for different cases. A tornado passing by is going to have a different safety strategy compared to a fire and the location of the fire might also change the path that people take when they are escaping to safety.

Emergency Notifications

Very few schools utilise technology such as school emergency notifications to alert parents and family members of accidents, incidents and emergency situations that are happening at the school. Sadly, many school budgets don’t allow for this which is why this is one of the many safety precautions that schools aren’t taking. Money shouldn’t dictate what safety measures a school has because the well-being of the people inside should be of utmost importance. An emergency notification system can easily be installed and linked to the phones of carers and parents. As soon as the message gets out, all staff members, students, parents and outside emergency contacts are notified and can swiftly come to help. For instance, if an armed person is spotted on CCTV circling the school, the security team can instantly notify everyone within and outside of the school and immediate action can be taken.

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Simple Security Measures

The use of codes to lock and unlock doors has been widespread across many schools in the world. Unfortunately, this simply doesn’t work because, in an emergency situation, it’s incredibly dangerous to try and recall and test different codes or passwords. The simpler method is to simply have keys or a master key that is given to every member of staff. These keys should have the ability to lock and unlock every major security door in the school. If there is an emergency situation where a teacher is injured or unconscious and unable to provide a code, the students will be able to take the key and use it to unlock doors and move throughout the school in the case of an emergency.

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