Salamanca: the best place to learn Spanish abroad

Jan 15, 2021 by

Salamanca cathedral

The journey to learning and mastering a foreign language is always going to be difficult, as it often involves learning a new skill right from its foundations – but by immersing yourself in the culture and language, you will learn more than any textbook or lesson could ever teach you. 

A vast majority of schools offer the opportunity to learn a foreign language for young students, with a great number of these schools also offering exchange schemes themselves, but it is never too late to begin. Learning the complexities and intricacies of another language and culture is also a way to re-examine your own society, meaning that the process of learning can teach you a lot about your own life too. Spanish is one the most spoken and beautiful languages in the world, and the opportunity to study Spanish whilst at, is unmissable for anyone considering learning a new language.

Salamanca is a prominent city in western Spain, part of which has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is a notable university for the European nation. The university is revered for producing talented teachers of the Spanish language – making the opportunity to study the language there especially unique – but the city is also regarded for its culture and tourism, as presented by the Salamanca Tourist Board. Spanish is one of the most popular languages in the world, currently estimated to be the second most popular language by a number of native speakers, with 460 million native speakers. With this in mind, being able to speak Spanish competently is a global skill that will assist you in international travel, whether for business or relaxation and more than likely in your home country too, where there are likely to be native Spanish speakers.

Salamanca University was founded in 1219 by King Alphonso IX and now stands as the oldest, and one of the most prestigious, institutions of higher education in the whole of Spain. In 1929 Salamanca University began running its renowned Spanish language program, advertising the courses to international students with varying levels of ability in speaking and writing Spanish; Salamanca University, in fact, became the first university in Spain to offer these language courses to foreign students, recognizing the unique and exciting opportunity that the city can offer. Three different types of courses are available with the university: Intensive Spanish Program, monthly courses between September and June; Semester Spanish Program, lasting for approximately 10 weeks; and the Summer Spanish Program, occurring during July and August.

It is widely regarded that studying abroad is a life-changing, unique experience. Studying abroad is rewarding for you and the school which you study at, as they also gain knowledge of a different culture from your own experiences. There are clear reasons why studying a language abroad is better than at home but chiefly is the immersive nature of learning that you cannot replicate by learning at home or online. Learning Spanish at Salamanca University is a world-leading opportunity for learning a foreign language.

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