Sales undergird the ‘progressive’ agenda of Girl Scouts

Mar 19, 2019 by

An organization that tracks the Girl Scouts suggests people might want to consider not purchasing cookies this year.

Girl Scout cookiesOne reason relates to the social aims of the Girl Scouts and what the girls are being exposed to in the curriculum. Ann Saladin of tells OneNewsNow that one can learn much by accessing the Girl Scouts’ social media and researching the organizations it associates with.

“You look at some of the women and organizations that they highlight in the curriculum and you’ll find an increasing amount of ultra-progressive women, organizations, and events that Girl Scouts are involving their organization and their girls in,” she argues.

In fact, the Girl Scouts has saluted women who are far to the left of the political spectrum – such as Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) and Hillary Clinton, both rabid supporters of abortion up-to-birth.

In addition, Girl Scouts has proudly supported summits of Teen Vogue, a publication that encourages young people into intimacy. (See earlier articles)

According to Saladin, some people are so fed up they aren’t buying Girl Scout cookies anymore because the national organization reaps royalty fees from the sales. “And on their latest tax return, they disclosed that their royalty payments in total resulted in over $9 million of revenue for them,” she adds.

Increasingly, parents are sending their girls to alternative organizations that are continuing to grow, such as the Christian-based American Heritage Girls. Girl Scouts has been losing members for years.

Source: Sales undergird the ‘progressive’ agenda of Girl Scouts

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