Sally Lloyd-Jones: A Writer Par Excellence!

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An Interview with Sally Lloyd-Jones: A Writer Par Excellence!

Michael F. Shaughnessy

1) Sally, first of all could you tell our readers a bit about yourself, your background, your education and experience?

I was born in East Africa, went to boarding school in the new forest (that was really quite old) in Hampshire, England– and lived in West Africa and Singapore and Paris.

And came to US in 1989 just for a year.

I’m still here.

2) You have written many picture books for children. Why and when did you decide to write for kids?

Always loved writing. Worked in children’s publishing as an editor. My first nephew was born. Plus, I think maybe I’m still just a kid inside.

3) ” Time to Say Goodnight ” is a particularly inspiring book. What inspired you to write about this time of day ?

My little nieces and nephews were about 2 at the time–and bedtime was a rather tricky affair–to get them to sleep. I wanted a magical sleepy book to help lull them to sleep.

4) Now, ” Handbag Friends “—-who are these friends and why are they important?

Ah well, you’ll have to find out by reading the book . (They think they are very important they said to tell you. Plus, they go on the best adventures and have a song of their own.)

5) ” Baby’s First Bible ” is for very young children. Were there lessons you were trying to impart?

I don’t try and impart lessons, I try most of all to just tell a good story the best way I can. This was an attempt to share the story of the bible for the very very young.

6) Illustrated by Jago” The Jesus Storybook Bible ” is wonderfully told and beautifully illustrated. How long did you and Jago take to finish this masterwork?

Those are some very generous and kind words–thank you. It took me about a year to write it. About a year for Jago to ilustrate. And about 3 or so years to produce it (design, print etc.)

7) Your book is written and illustrated, both horizontally and vertically. Was this planned in advance, or did it just happen this way?

Another book I’d done did it–Handbag Friends–so I thought why not do it here too and Jago was up for it

8) Do you have a web site and what would readers find there?

Yes i do–and I’d love that if people want to find out more

9) What have I neglected to ask?

My next book coming out maybe? It comes out in February and it’s beautifully illustrated and it’s called THE HOUSE THAT’S YOUR HOME

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