Santa Fe, Texas – Ten Dead, Ten Wounded – and the Issue of Parental Responsibility

May 19, 2018 by

Michael F. Shaughnessy –

It was a Friday afternoon when the news reached me. At first, I thought it was Santa Fe, New Mexico, but then learned it was Santa Fe, Texas. I never knew such a city existed.

And then the details started pouring in. Ten dead, ten wounded. And frantic parents, and children and adolescents who witnessed the event in shock, dismay, turmoil and in fear.

Yes, we are saddened by the loss of life. Parents, siblings, relatives are all grieving, and in a sense, anyone connected with education is grieving. No child, no teacher should have to fear for their lives. No school should have to endure what transpired in Santa Fe, Texas.

The governor shows up, gives a speech. A senator shows up. Gives a speech. A bunch of other people give a speech- thanking a bunch of other people.

But where are the parents of the alleged perpetrator? Apparently the father allowed the son access to guns and weapons. Apparently, this alleged shooter had his own area to play video games and worship guns and study past school shootings. We may never know ALL of the details. But we do know this – that many are dead, and many have been wounded, and it seems we did not learn from Columbine, and Florida and the other school shootings.

At some point, some lawyer is going to figure out a way to sue the school district for neglect. At some point some attorney will figure out a way to hold parents accountable. At some point, some attorney will figure out a way to hold the person who sold the gun or ammunition accountable and responsible.

At some point, some grieving parents may find justice.

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