Save America From the Cheap Counterfeit Morality of the Left!

Oct 22, 2017 by

by Allan Erickson –

Arbitrary Authority & the Rise of Totalitarianism   

The pattern concerning morality on the Left is clear, and contrived. Take any controversial subject and drill down to the essential Leftist argument, and you will almost always find an appeal to arbitrary moral authority, which is no authority at all, of course.

For example: homosexuality. The Scripture, which has guided western societies for centuries, condemns homosexual practice, for good reason: it is not healthy, and, it is a counterfeit of God’s design for healthy family relationships.

The Scripture clearly names good and evil, calling homosexuality evil, at the same time calling sinners of all kinds to repentance, offering new life and eternal life. God’s will is that none should perish.

The Left tells us that homosexuality is not a sexual choice but rather another way to be human, not a choice, but a biological dictate. (Note: there is NO science confirming this claim.) The Left insists homosexuality is pre-determined, like skin color, and therefore, calling it sin is hateful and discriminatory, something to be criminalized. So-called pastors even go so far as to call homosexuality a ‘blessed gift.’

How can the King of the Universe call it an abomination several times in Scripture, but yield to these pastors, simultaneously? This is impossible.  Either the Scripture is true or these pastors are true.  A righteous, perfect God cannot self-contradict.

The center of the issue is authority. What is good, true, reliable, healthy and right? God’s authority?  Or man’s authority? If one studies the health outcomes for homosexuals compared to the general population, the conclusion is obvious.  Increasingly, children raised by homosexual parents confirm God’s authority preferable.

So by design of nature, the intention of nature, the will of God and thousands of years of human practice, homosexuality has been rejected as ‘just another way to be human.’ Still, human wisdom generated in just the last few decades pretends to overrule all that, insisting the rest of us conform or face punishment. It’s absurd.

Another example: abortion. Scripture clearly indicates the killing of innocent human life is murder, the fetus is certainly human, and therefore killing that human is murder.

However, man’s wisdom says otherwise.

Abortionists claim, without any scientific support, that the fetus is not human because it is not ‘viable,’ another arbitrary judgment plucked from thin air, used to justify murder. If a person is not ‘viable,’ so the argument goes, it is not human.  Viability is defined as the ability to take care of one’s self, so by the logic, the fetus is not human, but then again, neither is the infant, the toddler, the preschooler or the middle schooler. When these are deemed ‘non-viable’ will they be ruled non-human, and done away with?

In truth, 99% of abortions are executed because the adults simply don’t want a child, seeing that child as interfering with their personal lives. The child is inconvenient, and abortion is lawful in their minds because . . . it’s their constitutional right to privacy, and after all, it is the mother’s body, and she should do as she chooses, free from government interference, because, well . . . after all, it is a patriarchal society and women need to be free from the confines of reproductive slavery, all of this conjured up in the attempt to justify murder.

You see, it is not about science or morality. It is not about the rights of women or the baby’s right to life. It’s not about women’s healthcare.  Rather, it’s about personal preferences and convenience, about self-indulgence and immorality.  Therefore, it should be clear, we live in an age when murdering children is rationalized by the most ridiculous (my body/my self) and self-serving arguments.

Once again, God’s authority is called into question, and it is attacked, while science and real moral authority are ignored at the altar of Self.

Another example of the moral chaos promoted by the Left: sexual anarchy.  At one time homosexual activists assured us all they wanted was normalization, an end to prohibitions.  Then, radicalized elements promised to completely redefine marriage and the family, vowing to destroy Christian patriarchy.  Now, moves afoot to criminalize Christianity belie the truth: sexual anarchy in all its forms are more than the result of self-indulgence by choice, they are weapons used to foment revolution.  Heterosexuals gladly join the revolution, for they can be just as self-indulgent and self-serving as the next person.

Consequently, we now see movements to mainstream pedophilia. Gender is negotiable. Any number of behaviors previously listed as psychological maladies are now celebrated as ‘another way to be human.’ Polyamorous relationships are endorsed, leaving children with 6-13 parents amplifying the chaos and immorality, sending more children into the world with few if any navigational tools.

Thank you sexual revolution for all the carnage wrought upon the lives of millions of people these last 60 years, proving the overriding truth: the more we call ourselves god, excluding the one true God, the more we all suffer.

And here, another kicker: the more we allow human ‘wisdom’ to rule the day, the more we invite human deviance to rule our lives.

The Left always winds up dictating and enforcing rules because in the vain effort to replace God’s true morality with its own, cheap counterfeit, the Left has only one road to success: brute force, coercion, threats and tyranny.

The majority knows — by instinct and conscience — that killing babies is wrong. It knows sexual anarchy is poison.  And therefore the majority does not comply willingly. Consequently, the Left must issue demands, turn up the heat and the volume, insist on conformity, even by threats of violence.  The Left must escalate for it is locked into its narrative, one that always boils down to “we are god, and we will therefore rule.”

The most lethal addiction: the assumption of divine power.

Consequently, according to the catechism of the Left:

  • Socialism is a sacrament and all capitalists are sinful. (Never mind capitalism works, and socialism is a colossal failure, always, everywhere.)
  • Global warming caused by capitalists confirms their sin, and anyone denying this is a heretic, deserving criminal charges and punishment.
  • Collectivism is a commandment: the individual a blasphemer.
  • A Sharia – inclusive culture is an enlightened culture.
  • Gun owners supporting the 2nd Amendment deserve death.
  • Liberty is what we say it is.
  • Sanctuary cities are proof of superior spiritually: all opposed are fascists & racists.
  • Only the viable and the politically correct go to heaven: the majority can go to hell. In the end, the wise and prudent respect God’s authority and submit to it willingly, confident it is the path to peace, health and joy.

And if you ask by what authority the Left renders such judgments, you receive numbers tattooed on your forearm.

Source: Save America From the Cheap Counterfeit Morality of the Left!

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