How to save PARCC? Don’t be stupid

Jul 13, 2015 by

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Mitchell Chester, Massachusetts’ commissioner of K-12 schools, told me something the other day that ought to be etched in bronze and put on a plaque in every school lobby. His exact quote was: “If kids can read well, if they’re in a strong literacy program, they’re going to do fine on a state literacy test. If they’re in a strong math program, they’re going to do fine on a state math test.”

But if that feels too long, you could condense it to: “Let’s not be stupid about tests.”

Maybe that idea could save the PARCC exam, the Common Core-based standardized test that Massachusetts is currently considering. PARCC is in what looks like a death spiral: Once adopted by 26 states, it’s now used by fewer than ten. Arkansas dropped it on Thursday. Massachusetts’ Board of Elementary and Secondary Education will vote this fall on whether to adopt it for good. (Chester chairs the consortium that oversees PARCC, but he doesn’t get a Massachusetts vote.)

Source: How to save PARCC? Don’t be stupid – Opinion – The Boston Globe

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