School bans drawings of religious figures after Muhammad assignment

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A California school district announced last week a ban on the drawing of religious figures after a parent complained about a class assignment in which students were directed to draw the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

The task was part of a 7th-grade history worksheet, “Vocabulary Pictures: The Rise of Islam,” at High Desert School in Acton, according to the Los Angeles Daily News. Muslims are forbidden from drawing Muhammad, and threats from Islamic terrorist groups have largely ended the practice among non-Muslims as well.

“I have directed all staff to permanently suspend the practice of drawing or depiction of any religious leader,” Acton-Agua Dulce Unified School District Superintendent Brent Woodard told the Daily News in a text message on Wednesday. “I am certain this teacher did not intend to offend anyone and,in fact, was simply teaching respect and tolerance for all cultures.”

“It’s not appropriate to have our children go to school and learn how to insult a religious group”

– Melinda Van Stone

Melinda Van Stone said she complained to the school when her 12-year-old son brought the assignment home in October. Van Stone would not tell the Daily News what religion she or her son practiced.

“It’s not appropriate to have our children go to school and learn how to insult a religious group,” Van Stone said.

High Desert School Principal Lynn David said the worksheet was not part of a textbook, but came from supplemental material. David said Van Stone was the only parent to complain about the assignment.

Drawing Muhammad has become a deadly gambit. Islamic terrorists killed 11 and wounded 11 others in an attack on the satirical French newspaper Charlie Hebdo in January. Those responsible perpetrated the bloodbath because of the paper’s numerous illustrations of Muhammad. Four months later, two Islamic gunmen were shot and killed outside of a Muhammad cartoon contest in Texas. The duo had planned a massacre of the contest’s participants.

Source: School bans drawings of religious figures after Muhammad assignment | Fox News

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    Melinda Van Stone

    This story might make more sense if it wasn’t taken out of context, particularly by the first reporter. The subsequent reporters simply copied the first one. We are a military family and so, obviously, we believe in fighting for freedom of speech. However, I would like to think that my husband, having been deployed seven times as an Airforce pilot, would have helped protect our freedom of not having our son indoctrinated into someone else’s religion while in public school history class. My son being made to draw a picture of Mohammad to get an A in history is a bit much. I don’t know that “banned” as the media likes to call it is as appropriate as just saying that the superintendant simply told the school to stop making the kids draw pictures of religious icons such as Mohammad and God. This really should not have been forced upon the kids in the first place, particularly mine. We are not muslim. The biggest loss of freedom that I see is that the state of CA actually does require the schools to teach about religions and is to teach them about the Islamic religion in the 7th grade. I feel that we should have the freedom of not having public schools force religions, at the CA state dept of ed’s choosing, on our kids. Now, I’m all for the kids having the freedom to express themselves but that is not the issue. When the children are forced to learn a religion while in school then I certainly think our freedom has been infringed. If you would like to discuss this further you can call me or email me at but I have to say that you are portraying this issue in the opposite manner in which it occurred. Because of the way it was reported by the first reporter, some people even think I’m Muslim and had it “banned” because it insulted my religion when that is not at all the case but at the same time we don’t send our kid to school to be taught how to insult people. Does he have the freedom to give people the finger, sure, but do we want him taught that in school by his teachers, no. We believe in freedom of speech but that doesn’t mean we believe it should be used to be intentionally ignorant to others. My kid shouldn’t be forced to draw pictures of God or Allah or Mohammad for 7th grade public school history class. On top of that, because I took issue with it and told them I didn’t think it was appropriate my son was removed from history class and made to repeatedly sit in the office because the principal said she didn’t want to continue ‘offending’ us. Why should our son be removed from history class just so that he isn’t forced to do things like draw pictures of Mohammad? He shouldn’t.

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