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“School-Based Health Clinics Asking Sexually Explicit Questions of Middle Schoolers”

By Donna Garner


[COMMENTS FROM DONNA GARNER:  Yet again we are seeing what the “Obama curse” has done to our country – school-based health clinics pushed by Kathleen Sebelius, Obama’s Sect. of the Department of Health and Human Services. The Breitbart article posted below tells about a school-based clinic in Louisiana in which sexually explicit questions on a “health” survey were administered to middle-school children who felt pressured to answer them.

Here are some of the questions on the survey:   

  • Have you ever had any type of sex — vaginal, anal or oral sex?
  • Have you ever been attracted to the same sex?
  • Girl to girl or guy to guy?
  • Or do you feel that you are gay, lesbian or bisexual?”

By merely asking such carefully worded and sexually explicit questions, damaging seeds are sown in students’ minds; and that is the whole purpose behind this Obama-era survey. 

Middle-school students begin to think:  

“Is there something wrong with me that I have not had sex yet?” 

“I did not know a person could have sex three different ways. Maybe I should try all three.”

“How exactly does a person have anal and oral sex?  I need to find out more about this.” 

“I am a girl, but I did think Sally looked pretty yesterday. Is there something wrong with me?  Did I feel ‘attracted’ to her?  Maybe I should write ‘yes’ on this survey.  In fact, maybe I am a lesbian.”

“George is really muscular. I wish I looked like George. Am I gay just for thinking about George’s body?  Maybe I am.” 

Students are taught to respect and value what they are taught at school.  When they see these questions on a school-based survey, the questions are given a level of legitimacy in students’ minds.   

Then, too, middle-schoolers are particularly vulnerable because they are going through uncertain years where they are trying to establish their own identities. To throw these types of sexually inappropriate questions at them is a type of psychological manipulation as practiced by the Obama-era administration and its Common Core, social justice agenda.

Louisiana and every state in the country should forbid school-based health clinics from promoting any type of teenage sexual activities and contraceptive use; this means forbidding the type of surveys described in Dr. Susan Berry’s article below.


9.19.19 – Breitbart

“Louisiana Parents Outraged over State ‘Health’ Survey Asking Sexually Explicit Questions”

By Dr. Susan Berry

Excerpts from this article:

Parents in Oakdale, Louisiana expressed outrage after their middle-school children were asked sexually explicit questions on a survey at the school-based health center.

One parent, Christin Willis, provided KPLC TV with a list of several questions from the survey:

  • Have you ever had any type of sex — vaginal, anal or oral sex?
  • Have you ever been attracted to the same sex?
  • Girl to girl or guy to guy?
  • Or do you feel that you are gay, lesbian or bisexual?”

“Children are naïve,” Willis said. “They go to school and know they have to listen. They’re going to do what you tell them what to do. If you put them in a room and tell them to take a survey, they’re going to take the survey.”

…Willis said when she asked about the survey questions at the school-based health center, she was told children must take the survey in order for the center to receive grant money.

“I don’t like my child being used for you to get money for a system that I don’t support,” Willis said. “We have a health care facility, we have a doctor. If I want to discuss sexually explicit things with my children, I’ll do so in my home or at my doctor’s office — his doctor’s office.”

School-Based Health Centers were created in the Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) legislation with the support of the nation’s largest teachers’ unions. The law included funds to build and run clinics to give students free diagnoses, treatment for chronic medical conditions and mental health screenings.

Over $200 million in grant funds were appropriated in Obamacare for school-based health centers. The Healthy Schools Campaign and Trust for America’s Health  provided Kathleen Sebelius, Obama-era secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, with recommendations for the development of these centers…

The school board continued:

The screening tool was designed by Dr. Jennifer Salerno and is utilized by school health centers nationwide. It was offered as a reliable screening method by the state Office of Public Health for use in selected Louisiana school health centers. The screening questionnaire is conducted as part of a child well visit. The mother did not agree with the wording in 2 or 3 of the 21-question screening survey. The Allen Parish School board agrees with the mother and is working to change/remove these particular questions.

[T]he Oakdale School-Based Health Center is one of over 60 sites in the state of Louisiana who receive grant funding in part from the Department of Health, Office of Public Health, Adolescent School Based Health Center. This funding is used for the salaries and the operation of the School-Based Health Center. In return for the funding, these school-based health centers have certain medical and behavioral health services that must be provided at each site.

U.S. Rep. Ralph Abraham, the leading Republican gubernatorial candidate in Louisiana, condemned the state health department survey that asks middle-school children sexually explicit questions.

“I’m disgusted with what State government is doing to our children,” said Abraham, a family physician, in a press statement. “This is a topic that should be addressed privately by parents and their children or doctors and their patients.”

“This is another example of how John Bel’s Department of Health is imposing its radical agenda on our state,” Abraham continued. “When I’m governor, I will fire Secretary [Rebekah] Gee on day one and reform this department from top down.”

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