School behaviour tsar appointed to tackle classroom disruption

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Education secretary announces appointment of Tom Bennett to help teachers deal better with pupils’ minor misdemeanours

A new school behaviour tsar will be tasked with stopping low-level disruption in the classroom such as children making silly comments, passing notes to each other and swinging on their chairs, the education secretary, Nicky Morgan, will announce on Tuesday.

In a speech at an academy school in London, she will announce the appointment of Tom Bennett, a teacher and behaviour expert, as part of a push to help teachers deal better with minor misdemeanours that cost pupils on average 38 days of learning a year.

Bennett is the latest in a string of behaviour gurus brought in by governments, following in the footsteps of Sir Alan Steer under Gordon Brown and Charlie Taylor under the coalition.

His specific remit will be working out how to train teachers to tackle low-level distractions, which were highlighted as a serious problem in a report by Ofsted in September last year.

Morgan will say that the battle against low-level disruption is part of the government’s “commitment to social justice … [ensuring] every single person in the country has access to the best opportunities Britain has to offer”.

At the same time, Morgan will confirm that the Conservatives intend to press ahead with a manifesto pledge to make every pupil starting secondary school this September study English, maths, science, a language and history or geography at GCSE.

Source: School behaviour tsar appointed to tackle classroom disruption | Education | The Guardian

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