School board elections likely in Chicago’s future; more seats, too

Jun 4, 2017 by

As the clock neared midnight on the last day of the spring legislative session, the Illinois Senate revived a plan that could someday strip Mayor Rahm Emanuel and future mayors of the ability to handpick members of the Chicago Board of Education.

And though Illinois politics is most certainly an unpredictable endeavor, the odds of the measure becoming reality look increasingly likely.

Yes, it’s still unclear whether Gov. Bruce Rauner will support the legislation to create an elected school board in Chicago. His approval would mean a big defeat for Emanuel — Rauner’s onetime friend turned political enemy — but it also would amount to a huge win for the Chicago Teachers Union, and, by extension, organized labor groups that Rauner has battled since taking office.

However, both Democrats and Republicans overwhelmingly back the idea of making Chicago’s school board elected like every other one in the state: The House approved the legislation 105-9, while the Senate vote was 53-2. That means that even if Rauner vetoes the legislation, lawmakers in both chambers would have the ability to override him and make the measure law.

Source: School board elections likely in Chicago’s future; more seats, too | Chicago Sun-Times

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