School board sued over ‘gender identity’

Jun 15, 2016 by

Despite already facing a lawsuit for ignoring state law when it changed a nondiscrimination policy, a Virginia school board has further defied the law.

The Fairfax County School Board voted June 9 to add “gender identity” to the school’s Equal Opportunity policy.

Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel, which earlier filed suit against the board for illegally including “gender identity” in their nondiscrimination policy, says this is a lawless group.

“They have repeatedly ignored the state law,” he says. “They think they’re a law unto themselves. State law is very clear. You cannot add categories of nondiscrimination in your local ordinances or policies that are not already listed in the state laws.”

Board chairman Pat Hynes described the latest action as simply a housekeeping change, which Staver says is a big deal.

“It is a big deal to add gender identity to an employment nondiscrimination policy when it’s not listed in the state law,” Staver says. “It’s illegal to do so, and when that is so fluid and so problematic, there’s no definition to it except for what’s in a person’s mind from day to day.”

A school board member, Thomas Wilson, tried to delay a vote until more people could voice their views, but that request wasn’t successful, according to a TV news report about the school board meeting.

Liberty Counsel has appealed its case to the state Supreme Court.

Staver says if the court reviews it and they win, it would also nullify this latest action by the board.

Source: School board sued over ‘gender identity’

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