School board won’t explain why it wants to fire superintendent

May 30, 2013 by

CAMBRIDGE, N.Y.  – A majority of school board members in the Cambridge school district want their superintendent to go away, but they won’t tell the public why.

Board members took a poll in a recent executive session meeting on renewing Superintendent Vince Canini’s contract when it expires in June, 2014, and three out of five don’t want to renew the relationship, the Glens Falls Post-Star reports.

“The board authorized the school attorney to notify the superintendent that his contract would not be extended, and (determine) if he was interested in leaving before his contract expires,” Kerri Brown, board president, told the news site.

At this month’s board meeting, board members who support the superintendent revealed Canini’s most recent performance evaluation landed between “meets expectations” and “exceeds expectations” for most criteria.

Yet the district’s attorney advised board members not to discuss why they want to end the Canini’s employment, something that irked supportive board members, parents, taxpayers and union officials in attendance, the Post Star reports.

“We have a board that wants to replace the superintendent, who is doing an excellent job, with no reason to offer the community,” said board member Paul Baker-Porazinski, who voted to renew Canini’s contract.

Donna Phinney, president of the teachers union, was particularly upset by the board’s secret reasoning for refusing to extend Canini’s contract.

“We want him to stay,” Phinney said at the May board meeting, according to the news site. “Yet you have slapped your employees in the face by not renewing his contract. We are going to keep fighting until the very last day in support of Vince.”

School board members may have a valid rationale for their desire for a new superintendent, but it doesn’t help anyone by keeping their reasoning to themselves, especially when Canini appears to be performing as expected.

If they follow through and vote the superintendent out the door without solid justification, the public may do the same to them when their terms expire.

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