School children to be fed ‘gay’-promoting lessons

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DVDs celebrating same-sex duos to be distributed to elementaries

An organization that promotes homosexuality is distributing DVDs to each primary school in Scotland to teach “alternative families” to young children.


The project is paid for by funds from a national lottery, which boasts of spending millions of dollars to give people a better chance in life, make communities safe, create more sustainable services and make people healthier.


A report from the Christian Institute said Stonewall Scotland, a pro-homosexual organization, has been given almost $20,000 from the Awards for All scheme run by the lottery.


The funding will be used to pay for DVDs that celebrate same-sex duos, and they will be delivered to primary schools across the nation.


“There is a key difference between acknowledging the existence of different family types on the one hand and positively promoting them in the classroom on the other,” said Norman Wells of the Family Education Trust.


“It still takes a man and a woman to create a child and all the available evidence shows children benefit enormously from the complementary nature of the care that only a father and mother can provide,” he said.


“We should not close our eyes to the reality that where a child is not being raised by both natural parents, it is a cause of sadness or regret,” he continued. “Rather than using resources that celebrate alternative family forms and pretending that all types of family are of equal benefit to children and society, schools should be presenting the natural family unit, consisting of children raised by their own mother and father, as the ideal to aspire to.”


Stonewall Scotland spokesman Colin Macfarlane said the DVDs promoting same-sex pairs were developed “in direct response to the overwhelming requests from schools and teachers to help them teach and celebrate the reality of what different families in modern Scotland look like.”


An unnamed spokesman for the lottery program behind the funding, Awards for All, said he was proud the lottery was supporting the homosexual efforts.


But John Deighan, parliamentary officer for the Catholic Church in Scotland, said, according to the Christian Institute: “This is a controversial issue and given that it is now part of a political process should not be receiving lottery support.”


The Awards for All program explains the homosexual organization was given the maximum grant allowed.


“We will pay for a wide range of activities including: putting on an event, activity or performance, buying new equipment or materials, improvements or additions to community buildings or play facilities, setting up a pilot project or starting up a new group, paying expenses for volunteers, costs for sessional workers or professional fees, transport costs.”


The Christian Institute reported that several months ago such contributions to homosexual organizations were just a small part of the support they receive.


The Institute said in a report earlier this year that homosexual lobby groups campaigning for same-sex marriage in Scotland were getting about $3,000 a day in public funding.


A related issue arose recently in the United States with the adoption in California of a law that allows students to decide which gender they want to be – and to use the locker rooms, restrooms and other facilities intended for that gender.


The conflict moved onto the television cameras, and when a prominent family advocate was interviewed by CNN, along with another guest, he provoked outrage by signing off with a respectful, “Hey, good to talk to you ladies.”


The program hostess was a woman. But the other “lady,” despite maintaining the distinctively female XX chromosomes, has “transitioned” to representing herself as a male.


The sign-off came from Randy Thomasson of, an organization that promotes traditional family values. The group has warned parents for several years already that they should pull their children out of the California public school system because of the sex indoctrination laws the state has adopted in recent years.


Thomasson was on CNN alongside Masen Davis, who works for a transgender-rights group.


Davis called the new law, which one parent noted with alarm would allow a 14-year-old boy to be with her 9-year-old girl in a school restroom, a huge step forward for equality.


Thomasson, citing the federal civil rights laws requirement that a characteristic be “immutable” to qualify, said making physical alterations through a surgeon’s scalpel doesn’t give a person special rights.


At the close of the conversation, he said, “Hey, good to talk to you ladies.”


The video of the report posted online by CNN, however, cut out his closing words.


It then was at Raw Story that Davis’ full outrage was revealed.


“Thomasson’s attempt to disrespect my own gender identity by referring to me as a ‘lady’ said more about him than me. (I’m not lady, and clearly he is no gentleman),” Davis told the website. “I am comfortable in my own skin, and proud of my journey as a transgender man. I have heard, though, from many transgender people and allies who are very upset by his shallow attempt to mis-gender me. Failing to honor the gender identity of a transgender person is a common way for anti-equality zealots to try to undermine our credibility and humanity.”


Thomasson offered an explanation.


“At the beginning of the interview, the liberal host calls the woman who is a transsexual activist ‘sir,’ and refers both to her and I as ‘gentlemen,’” he said. “But at the end of the interview I say ‘good to talk to you ladies,’ because both the host and my bearded opponent are indeed biological females. (Of course, the bearded Masen Davis didn’t like this fact at all and she’s complaining to CNN about me – how tyrannical and anti-free-speech!)”


Thomasson was right. But Davis called for him to be censored.

“I am surprised and disappointed that CNN relied on Randy Thomasson, described by Media Matters as the leader of an ‘anti-LGBT hate group,’ to discuss the passage of California’s AB1266 (the School Success and Opportunity Act). Thomasson’s extremist sentiments exemplify why transgender youth and adults alike need legal protection from discrimination and bias. I urge CNN to engage more reasoned and legitimate ‘experts’ in future segments about transgender issues.”


Thomasson’s message was different.


“ loves all people, yet confused or malicious folks who don’t care about facts or truth call our love ‘hate.’ But it’s a fact that if you’ve inherited a Y chromosome from your father, you’re male; if not, you’re female. No one can alter God’s unchanging laws of nature. But the homosexual-bisexual-transsexual activists and their supporters can’t be bothered with facts, can they? Instead, they engage in ad hominem arguments and personal attacks.”


Thomasson said the adoption of the new law was disturbing.


He said schools are willfully denying sexual boundaries, and parents have told his group they will leave the public school system.


Thomasson explained that children, especially the very young, who are confused about their sexual identity need counseling help.


See the versions of the online videos, the first without Thomasson’s closing words:
  Another version includes Thomasson’s closing words.  
California has adopted nearly a dozen related sex indoctrination laws for its public schools, including a mandatory yearly celebration of Harvey Milk, a homosexual activist and reported sexual predator, as well as an advocate for Jim Jones, leader of the massacred hundreds in Jonestown, Guyana.


In honoring Milk, according to, schools are advocating the acceptance of what Milk sought: the entire homosexual, bisexual and cross-dressing agenda; a refusal to acknowledge sexually transmitted diseases spread by the behavior; his behavior as “a sexual predator of teenage boys, most of them runaways with drug problems”; advocacy for multiple sexual relationships at one time; and “lying to get ahead.”

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