School choice popular in Louisiana primaries

Oct 31, 2015 by

Parents, students, and school-choice advocates were big winners in recent elections in Louisiana.

Candidates supporting educational choice in Louisiana were the unquestionable winners in last week’s primary elections in the Bayou State. Matt Frendeway of the American Federation for Children reports those candidates won 49 of 56 races in which the Louisiana affiliate of his organization invested.

“We put out there candidates who supported school choice. We backed those who want to help parents exercise their choice,” he describes. “We worked hard to make sure voters were aware of those who oppose choice and who want to limit parental options.”

The organization also describes the results as a “huge victory” for the Louisiana Scholarship Program, which provides low-income families with the funds they need to send their children the school of their choice.


One of the primaries last week involved the gubernatorial race. The Federation’s national communications director says a victory for Senator David Vitter, who is in a tight and acrimonious race to replace outgoing Governor Bobby Jindal, would be a real plus for the school-choice movement.

“Governor Jindal has been a champion on school choice. He’s been a real warrior for parents and [for] expanding options,” states Frendewey, “and it would be great to continue that legacy with another governor who supports parental choice.”

The Louisiana Federation for Children PAC provided more than $800,000 in independent expenditures to support school-choice candidates.


Source: School choice popular in Louisiana primaries

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