School choice – what it is … and what it isn’t

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A national pro-school choice organization has created a guidebook for voters to counter what it calls the misinformation being dispensed by opponents of the alternative available to families.SAT exam students taking

School choice issues are the subject of constant public debate. But Tommy Schultz of the American Federation for Children says many in the media and in the public are completely unaware of the facts about educational choice programs. AFC’s “School Choice Guidebook,” he says, “sets the record straight.”

“Lawmakers and the media are desperately seeking information about educational choice programs at the state level,” he explains. “So we decided we should put out a document that is the one-stop shop on everything related to school choice.”


Opponents of school choice, says Schultz, will often label any option as a “voucher.” But that, he argues, is a disservice to the public because it blurs the facts behind the different mechanisms available for families, such as tax credit scholarships, education savings accounts, charter schools, and – of course – vouchers.

“The opponents are completely willing to misinform the media and voters about what school choice is,” he tells OneNewsNow. “So in this book … we include a lot of myths and facts.”

It also addresses such topics as enrollment and funding for programs, program ranking, and new private school choice programs. A copy of “The School Choice Guidebook” is available for download.

Source: School choice – what it is … and what it isn’t

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