Another school district pulls raunchy Common Core book

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Teachers and school officials in yet another American school district have become so appalled by the raunchy content in a Common Core-recommended book that they have refused to distribute the book to ninth-grade students.

This time, the school district on porn alert is in Newburgh, N.Y., reports the Times Herald-Record.

The book at issue is “Black Swan Green” by British author David Mitchell. The district spent almost $6,000 on copies of the book for 14-year-old students, apparently before anyone noticed its explicit contents.

Dozens of Newburgh teachers attended a school board meeting on Wednesday to express their discontent with the bawdy coming-of-age story.

The award-winning 2006 novel — sort of a very poor man’s version of “The Catcher in the Rye” — is written from the perspective of a 13-year-old English boy. It’s full of teen-speak and extinct early 1980s pop-culture references.

At one point, the young narrator vividly describes his father’s penis. At another point, as The Guardian explains, he voyeuristically watches a couple having sex and details the sounds made by the woman involved.

The words “dick,” “cock” or “erect penis” appear on at least 11 separate pages, according to Google.

According to The Record, the state of New York’s Common Core curriculum requires students to read a 20-page excerpt of the book.

At the school board meeting, teachers proposed that the district could have avoided this entire controversy and saved $6,000 by simply making copies of the 20-page excerpt.

It’s not clear if the excerpt contains the words “dick,” “cock” or “erect penis.”

Dawn Fucheck, Newburgh school board president, noted that the purchased books remain in sealed packages. District officials will now seek to return them for a refund of the $6,000.

One teacher at the meeting, Newburgh Free Academy English teacher Jen Costabile, said that the Common Core’s porn problem is broader than just this one book. She said at least three books “contain passages using inappropriate language and visual imagery that most people would consider pornographic,” according to The Record.

Other teachers vented more generally about the Common Core at the Wednesday meeting. A first-grade teacher warned that the new curriculum in her class is “not engaging for students.” The teachers union president complained that Common Core material is riddled with errors.

via Another school district pulls raunchy Common Core book | The Daily Caller.

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