School Embraces Identity Politics, Drops 30 Places

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It would be nice if this sort of thing were a wake up call. It won’t be.

Dropping 30 places in math proficiency after embracing racial identity politics won’t be treated as a repudiation of identity politics, but of testing and of math which will turn out to have a white supremacist bias. The one verity in leftist politics is that the politics are never wrong. Reality is occasionally wrong. Math is often wrong. Just ask the USSR or Edina.

For years, the Edina Public Schools (EPS) have been one of the brightest stars in the firmament of Minnesota public education. Parents who moved to the affluent Twin Cities suburb gladly paid a hefty premium for a house, because it meant their kids could attend the district’s top-notch schools…

Test scores are sinking in Edina’s fabled schools. One in five Edina High School students can’t read at grade level and one in three can’t do grade-level math. These test results dropped EHS’s ranking among Minnesota high schools from 5th to 29th in reading proficiency, and from 10th to 40th in math proficiency between 2014 and 2017.

What made that happen?

Katie Mahoney, Highlands’ “racially conscious” principal, was hired in 2016. This fall, she announced that the school’s “challenges” for 2017-18 are to teach children “how to embrace ancestry, genetic code and melanin,” and to how “to be changemakers.”

District leaders enshrined this new mission in EPS’s “All for All” strategic plan, adopted in 2013. The plan mandates that, going forward, the EPS must view “all teaching and learning experiences” through the “lens of racial equity.”… from now on, the district will hire “racially conscious teachers and administrators.” It also declares that students must “acquire an awareness of their own cultural identity and value racial, cultural and ethnic diversities.”

Goodbye education. Hello training in intersectionality, identity politics and activism.

But Mahoney’s political agenda seems much broader. For example, on the school’s “Wonder” blog, she has promoted an A-B-C book for young children entitled “A is for Activist.” The book features texts like the following: “Are you an Activist?” “C is for … Creative Counter to Corporate vultures,” “F is for Feminist,” “T is for Trans,” and “X is” for “Malcolm X.”

And I is for Illiterate.

Cornelia Elementary School also has a “racially conscious” principal, Lisa Masica, hired in 2014. Masica began her tenure by obtaining a race-oriented “social justice” curriculum for the school with “standards” like “Unpacking Identity” and “Unpacking Action.” She floods the school’s K-5 teachers with equity-related resources, like a video featuring a black “slam poet” denouncing police brutality.

Unfortunately, from 2015-17, the reading proficiency of Cornelia’s students who are black, Hispanic, and of two or more races dropped from 58 percent to 34 percent on the state’s MCA-III tests.

As usual, the first victims of identity politics are minorities who are robbed of their potential with the aim of transforming them into foot soldiers in a culture war.

Source: School Embraces Identity Politics, Drops 30 Places | Frontpage Mag

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