School funding reform: Ideas and challenges aplenty

Feb 6, 2017 by

Tiffany Moyer-Washington was recently notified that her son’s fourth-grade teacher quit mid-year – and his financially strapped school in Hartford would not be filling the position.

Instead, her son and several of his classmates are being sent to a nearby school that has some space.

“He’ll be starting Monday. That’s real. So that’s the impact of a budget cut. And for me, that couldn’t be closer to home,” Moyer-Washington told a small crowd at the State Capitol last week. “Unfortunately, things like that are happening more often in urban areas… It’s the children who suffer.”

In Bridgeport, an overhead announcement at Bassick High School last April informed students and staff that after-school activities were being canceled through the end of the school year because the district could no longer afford security guards.

“This is seventh period. This starts today,” Jillian Harkins, an English teacher at the city school, recalled. “The class was just looking like, ‘What?’”

The play students had auditioned for and started rehearsing was scrapped, as were after-school clubs and tutoring.

Source: School funding reform: Ideas and challenges aplenty | The CT Mirror

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