School hoping parents ignore the obvious

Mar 9, 2016 by

In Washington, DC, a school is taking a parent to court after he protested the fact that Planned Parenthood is building a facility next door to the school.

Planned Parenthood is building an abortion clinic between an elementary school and middle school in Washington, DC. Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel is defending veteran pro-life advocate Larry Cirignano, who is being sued by Two Rivers Charter School for protesting the project. Staver says the objective of the clinic is obvious.

“They’re trying to bring in these young girls – as young as elementary and middle school – to get them introduced to Planned Parenthood and the killing machine,” he tells OneNewsNow.


The Liberty Counsel founder and chairman says the school is trying to draw attention away from the construction because they’re fearful parents could start enrolling their children in other schools.

“Who wants to drop off [their] fifth-grader or … a higher school-grade [student] in the middle of an abortion mill when it’s literally right beside this particular school?” he asks rhetorically.

In their suit, Two Rivers claims Cirignano is causing “emotional distress” and creating a “nuisance” by protesting in front of the schools.


Source: School hoping parents ignore the obvious

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